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Visits to Bute

My mother lives in Bute,  so I've made too many visits there to be worth listing them separately

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Photos taken in Constable country, on the Essex–Suffolk border, while I lived in Chelmsford

I lived in Chelmsford, in Essex, between 1989 and 2004, and frequently popped over to Flatford and Dedham during that time, so there's no point in categorising my Constable country photos according to when I took them

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Visit to Granada, in Andalusia, Spain, 1995

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Visit to the Mendips, 1998

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Jackie and Tony's Wedding (Sept 2000)

Setting off for the wedding

After the service (page 1)

After the service (page 2)

After the service (page 3)

The walk to Blane's Chapel

The buffet (page 1)

The buffet (page 2)

The buffet (page 3)

The Sunday and Monday